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        Monk fish
        Fish welfare
        Powder coating
        Zhoushan Central Prosper Co.,Ltd.was founded in JAN.2005,(CIQ No.:3300/02043) .The company is located in the Zhujiajian of Zhoushan——the famous "Fishing Capital of China" and the “country of the sand sculpture”,a beautiful and plentiful place. The company covers an area of over 34702 square meters, including 15000 square meters processing workshop. with refrigerating warehouse over 2500 square meters,and can acceptance over 2000 worker working in the workshop.
        The company’s hardware is based in term of the CIQ and accord with USA FDA、KOREA、ASEAN and EU
        Zhoushan Central Prosper Co.,Ltd. is a large scale company engaged in .......
        Zhoushan Central Prosper Co.,Ltd.
        Zhujiajian Putuo District Zhen Miao dragon village of Zhejiang Province, Zhoushan City  
        TEL: 0580-6638988  
        FAX: 0580-6638988 
        Copyright@Zhoushan Central Prosper Co.,Ltd.
        ADD:Zhujiajian Putuo District Zhen Miao dragon village of Zhejiang Province, Zhoushan City TEL:0580-6638988 FAX:0580-6638988